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Necter: Hybrid Mobile App

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Necter: Hybrid Mobile App

Released July 14, 2015

Necter is a hybrid app I built along with the accompanying website. As the sole developer on this project, I was responsible for every commit from the first to the last. Once the project neared completion, I oversaw semi-weekly testing sessions with the client. The app was essentially Tinder Social, allowing friends to create groups and swipe through other groups in the area to form connections. Unfortunately, funding was lost for the project and it is no longer maintained. This was my first project after joining Tribeswell.

Technical Specifications

I used the Ionic Framework to build this hybrid app which utilized Angular v1.x. I then integrated the app with Firebase v0.9 for the database. I also used Facebook for login authorization so that groups can only be formed with mutual friends. Pushwoosh was used a push notification source.

Screenshot of Necter App

App Description

Users were required to invite at least one and at most four friends to create a group. They can also join a group, however they can only be a part of one group at a time. Groups are then assigned a gender (male, female, or mixed) based on their Facebook accounts and are allowed to set a gender preference for other groups along with the search radius, where the center is the group creator’s last known coordinates.

Screenshot of Necter group

Once at least one invited friend joins the group, the group members can begin to swipe through other groups in hopes of forming connections. A connection between two groups is formed when a majority of the members for both groups have “swiped right” on each other. At that point, a private chat room is formed between all of the members of both groups. Each group also has their own private chat room.

Screenshot of Necter connectino