I’m a self-taught developer with a passion for building enduring, efficient, responsive websites.

I started with the thought of what if, instead of having my resume as a downloadble PDF, I build a responsive website that is available and appropriately sized for every device. Through all my years on the internet, it never came across my mind that that was a thing, to a build a website showcasing yourself. So I built a literal copy of my Word doc resume with HTML and CSS.

After a few months of learning, I landed a summer internship at Hanapin Marketing where I learned to work with the Rails framework. A few months later I was hired at Tribeswell where my first project was solely developing a mobile app on the Ionic framework in which I learned to work with Angular and Firebase. After the release of the app, I began to learn how to develop with WordPress and manage multiple installations as well as the Linux servers they were hosted on. In my current role at Tribeswell, I manage the ongoing hosting and updates of almost all of the clients as well as continuing to develop all of the websites for new clients.

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Send Monit Alerts to Slack

Send Monit Alerts to Slack

This post will show you how to install Monit on a Ubuntu server to send alerts to you on Slack. If you’re not using Slack, this post is still applicable as intructions for installation.

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