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Hosting My Static Site

So you’ve built a static site, but now you need somewhere to host it. Luckily, hosting options for static sites are cheap and plenty due to their size, simplicity, and security. I had some time to compare a few options and decided to document my choices. The hosting providers I looked at were GitHub Pages, Surge, PubStorm, and Netlify. Let me know if there are any others I should have taken a look at! I ended up choosing Netlify as my hosting provider and this post explains that decision.

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Using Monit And Slack To Monitor Your Server

This is the introductory sentence. Something about needing to monitor your servers. This post will show you how to install Monit on a Ubuntu server to send alerts to you on Slack. If you’re not using Slack, this post is still applicable as intructions for installation.

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My Metalsmith Worflow

I knew I wanted to use a static site generator for this website but picking one can be kinda overwhelming. Look for yourself. I tried the Jekyll + GitHub Pages route once, but in all honesty, I forgot my workflow after leaving it alone for a few months. If I can’t come back to a project after months of being away, then the workflow is too tough to keep. That’s when I came across Metalsmith.

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